Monday, January 14, 2013

Reviews on "Through Innocent Eyes - The Chosen Girls of the Hitler Youth"

D.M. - From Ohio said:  " Love your book and wish more stories from the German side of the war were written."

RSJR - From New York wrote to me and said:  "It is unconditionally understood that this book "THROUGH INNOCENT EYES: The Chosen girls of The Hitler Youth" will be the foundation of countless WWII era research studies, articles, publications and discussions worldwide. History professors and students alike will benefit from the personal photos, letters and information this publication has to offer. For decades, Western culture was only aware of The Anne Frank Diary - now there is another diary for mankind to consider."

I.B. - From Florida said: "Dear Cynthia A. Sandor, I am reading your book. It is taking me back, to the Fuhrer, "Hitler", BACK TO THAT ERA... I am enjoying it so much.... It feels am right back there watching every single move your family made. WELL WRITTEN! Kudos to you! . Your true family history, story book may make it to the movies, dear... I plan to finish reading it in a couple of days... then will rated.. it is a great history book! Congratulations! Keep writing! I love reading Autobiographies too! I highly recommend your book. Than you!"

T.C. - From Indiana said "Are you going to discuss your book as a guest on one of NPR's shows, possibly Diane Rehm, or Book TV? Maybe make the rounds on the bookstore circuit?"

J.D. - From Virginia said: "What a great book. It's about time something real and positive was written. Ann Franks book is fiction."

K.G. said "Hi Cynthia! I am going to order the book today."

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