Thursday, September 20, 2012

SOON TO BE RELEASED - Hard and Soft Cover books

"Through Innocent Eyes - The Chosen Girls of the Hitler Youth" will be available for sale through!

"Through Innocent Eyes," reveals the personal life of Gertrude Kerschner, and her journey through self-actualization while serving in the Hitler Youth. Based upon Gertrude's personal journal, her story includes ceremonies, ancient neo-pagan rituals, traditions, and folklore.

Pre-orders are being taken on the book.  For a personal signed copy, please email the author at:  Please provide your contact information including your full name, address, phone number, zip code, country and phone number, and whether you would like a hard or soft cover.  Your contact information will be placed on a list and I will contacted you immediately the moment the book hits the market!  Thank you!

Monday, September 10, 2012

The National Socialistic upbringing of the German youths trains these Landjahr girls to build their integral moral character with a foundation based on honor, loyalty, obedience, and discipline.  Coupled with ancient neo-pagan rituals, traditions, folklore, and the Totalitarian regime of this period, "Through Innocent Eyes" captures the psychology of an Austrian girl named Trudel, and her progression from childhood into adolescence.   She is empowered by her camp leaders to build self-worth through her training and community activities.  The German government only wants the healthiest, strongest, and most disciplined young girls in the BDM.  In Landjahr, Trudel will receive the very best rural education from the State. In 1941, there are over twenty-six thousand girls serving in Landjahr and Trudel Kerschner is one of them.