Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Comments on First Radio Interview with Deanna Spingola


In the meantime, here are the comments that are just starting to come in!  

 Jim P said: "Heard your interview on Deanna Spingola's show. Wow! What a story. It was a special message for me to hear today. Can't wait to read it. God bless your mom."  

Karen R said "You're mom sounds like she was a great lady!  Thank you so much for sharing her story with me."

Marie D said "I've never heard about Landjahr Lager before!  My grandmother was in the BDM. She's not around anymore, but I will ask my mother.  I'll get your book today and read it too!  Thanks for sharing!" 

H.N. from You Tube wrote: "Congratulations on your book! I just picked up my copy at Barnes and Noble. I also requested my local library to get it in. I have not read any of it yet,but it looks delightful to those of us interested in that very unique time. Judging from the chapter titles---"Walpurgis Night" and so forth---I think you will transport back in time to those days,and let us experience it just like those girls did! i became interested in the BDM myself years ago..and have done a certain amount of research on the subject. However,most books on the BDM are either pejorative or give short shrift to the subject,or are overly scholarly. I think your book will be a refreshing change!"

From J4G:  The highly propagandized and demonized "HJ" was not the nefarious youth brainwashing organization as always portrayed in mainstream literature. According to my first-hand sources who were in it, they were taught useful life skills, survival and conservation skills, positive social values, morals, honor and personal discipline, duty and community service, pride in their racial and cultural heritage, respect for others, respect for their environment, as well as, about the propaganda utilized by the enemies of Germany. Not violence and hatred! It was only late in the war with all fronts collapsing were some given hasty training in the use of weapons for self-defense and resistance, particularly against the advancing Red Army in eastern Germany, as well as with air defense stations. They also reinforced education, the goal was to be educated as well as being physically fit and developed. ~ J4G

Marie H. from Palm Harbor, Florida said:  "I just finished listening to your radio interview. It's great, I enjoyed it. You did fantastic! More power to you! Great job! You, you keep up the good work w/ your book. You'll get there. I have faith in you. I've send the link w/ your radio interview to everyone I know : ) I'm proud of you & you are really fantastic talking & being interviewed, being able to hold your own ground : ), not sounding nervous. You are a pro! May peace and love follow you always!"

T.L. Said " Hi Cynthia!  I am listening to your radio interview on Deanna's show.  I have been teaching myself true history for a few years and waking up to all the lies about WWI and WWII. I love your interview and you are awesome! God bless you and the memory of your wonderful mother.  What an amazing story, so important on so many levels."

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