Thursday, January 17, 2013

Insights about "Through Innocent Eyes - The Chosen Girls of the Hitler Youth"

I have been receiving many comments on my Facebook page about my mother that I would like to share some thoughts with you.

Even though my mother is gone and lives in heaven now, it is a small tribute to her that I can write about her life's story...... maybe, a part of me still misses the times we could have had together. Or maybe it is because my mother had such an impact on my life? I do not know. She taught me so many things in life and I listened to her! For instance, one time she said "Cindy, forget about what it costs. See the world while you are young! Look at me, I saved all my life to travel around the world and look at me now. At the age of 61, I am dying from cancer and will not be able to make my dream come true. Make all your dreams come true for what ever you put your mind to doing, you can accomplish!" And I did! There is so much that I have accomplished in my life.... I have traveled to 20 countries and into over 400 cities! I listened to her when she said "buy stocks and real estate." Why? Because, she was in the Board of Directors office as their 'server' because of her excellent work ethics of being a waitress! My mother was privy to standing in the same room as the CFO, CEO, President, Vice President, etc, to the head honchos for American Can Company back in the '70's and 80's. She stood in the room, kept her mouth shut and listened to what they were saying... and she heard and she shared it with me! Money is not everything. It's how many people's lives you can touch while you are alive ~ what I can share with those around me. I've jump out of a perfectly good airplane twice, broke my leg in the process, and kept moving forward! The deaths of my parents, having cancer twice, a divorce and breaking my back in two place due to a motorcycle accident could not keep me down! Life is short. One day I woke up and saw these beautiful 20 year old models in a tv commercial and I thought... "where the hell did the time go?" I am now 52 years old! I hold a Master's Captain license to pilot a 100 gross ton vessel, 200 miles off shore, anywhere in the world, became a Travel Channel graduate where they used some of my short video pieces on their tv show, produced my own television shows, and wrote for various magazines, including an article which is now unavailable in the "SS United States Fastest Ship in the World - 50th Anniversary" book by Turner Publishing. And really, what does it all come down too? How much money you make? No. Having the biggest house on the street? The fancy car? No! I believe the secret is to learn a little bit every day and before you know it, you have learned a lot and can share this with your friends. I value each and everyone of you as my friend. I hope when you read "Through Innocent Eyes," you will see what I learned, from my mother, who learned this while she was in the Bund Deutscher Maedel. Now, with this said, can you really tell me that the Hitler Youth was all that bad? I would LOVE to know everyone who's parents was in the HJ and have them share their moral character standards with me. We must live with an in integrity for then only can the world become a better place! Love you all! Thank you for reading!!!!!!!  ~ Cindy ~ Hopeful #1 New York Times Bestseller - Historical Non-Fiction Author!

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