Tuesday, October 29, 2013

*** Update on Austrian Literary Agent ***

E-mail from my Austrian Literary Agent:

Dear Mrs. Sandor!

Thank you for keeping me informed. You are doing a lot of communication and networking for the book. Tomorrow, I have an appointment with a big publishing house in Austria. They have the online version of "Through Innocent Eyes" and maybe there is a chance to get a German version of your story.

best wishes

Being considered as a contributing writer for a magazine........

I just submitted this to be considered as a contributing writer for a magazine.  I would like to hear your thoughts. 

My passion is writing and my personal area of expertise is the life span development of German/Austrian Country Service girls raised during WWII. With the pervasiveness of television and the proliferation of technology today family role models are continually influenced by forces outside the home.  The main emphasis of "Through Innocent Eyes" focuses on the moral character development which is positively influenced by inductive discipline. This involves the use of reasoning and focuses the adolescence girl’s attention on the consequences their actions have on others within their family, group, and community.  I stress the importance of how their behavior, thinking, and reasoning, contributes to developing their identity.  However, this goes beyond other aspects of character development.  I provide the reader the opportunity to become one with the main character, Gertrude Kerschner, and a look into her behavior and thinking.  My twenty-three years of intermittent research into the European upbringing of children, inclusive as how my mother raised me, is written throughout "Through Innocent Eyes.”  Here, I want to teach self-awareness, self-discipline, self-reliance and to build one’s self-worth and self-confidence with integrity.