Sunday, May 29, 2011

Manuscript Sent To Editor

I am SO excited!  I finished typing the manuscript into my computer, double  and triple checked it for grammer and spelling, then emailed it off to my editor! 

I believe there is an untapped source of valuable information out there that no one has really addressed - and that is what life was like during WWII with all these kids that were in the Landjahr.  Wouldn't it be nice if someone can put together a movie to show the 'young kids of today' what life was like for our parents growing up?  To see the difference between 60 years of today's easy life-going-ness of today's kids as compared to that for which my parents grew up in WWII? 

My mother had to run from the charging bullets of the Russian soldiers.  She separated from her family and from what I was told, my uncle had to go into the woods during the night with a gun, shoot and skin a deer and come back to provide meat for the family.  That is called 'survival.' 

No - our lifes are not like that today - and yet, at the same time is it. 

Recently, look at the people in Joplin, Missouri who have lost everything they own due to a F5 tornado destroying their homes. 

Having a tornado or a flood devestate your home, your town, your life, your job and family is very similar to going through a War.  In the end, it's all the same - you loose everything that you own and what do you have left at the end?  Your life, your dignity, your values, morals, ethics, standards and integrity.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Meaning of "Landjahr"

The Landjahr (country service year) was a concept of the Hitler Youth and BDM - Bund Deutscher Maedel (League of German Girls), whose aim was to furnish voluntary agricultural assistance in Germany's eastern provinces.
The service was voluntary except in the case of university students who were obliged to perform their Landjahr (it was, in reality, only nine months) before being allowed to graduate.

Incredible Find

I just found this web site today entitled "Landjahr."  Notice closely, the symbol on the front cover of the book on the web site and compare it with the cover of my mother's book!  After 20 years I found what the meaning of this symbol is on the cover of my mother's book "Land Jahr Seidorf."  I'm getting closer and closer to fitting the pieces of this puzzle together!  Check out this web site here to see what I am talking about.  Thank you.