Friday, April 15, 2011

"Through Innocent Eyes"

April 14, 2011 - Goal:  Looking for Literary Agents to help me publish my mother's book "Landjahr Seidorf"

Twenty years ago, underneath the end table in my parents’ bedroom, I found a very strange hand-made book. The stained green hard cover has a red cloth emblem on the lower right hand corner. It is bounded with a simple green string. I brought the book to my 61 year old mother who was in the hospital. She was dying from bone cancer.

I said "Mom. What's this?" as I handed her the book. She said

"Don't show that to anybody! You'll get killed if anybody reads this book."

Today, I start the journey of making a dream come true - to publish my mother's book and eventually to see it on the 'silver screen.'  The book has been transcribed from it's original version and I am typing it into a manuscript form while researching the places she wrote about.


  1. I cannot wait to read the book before an editor gets their hands on it. I want to know your mother's own words in this. And by the way; Anne Frank's dad rewrote a lot of her diary and then it was further "dramatized" by the editors, and finally by the movie studio. After all, they are only going to use your mom's story as a "model for a story". So be sure to keep artistic control, Cindy.

  2. Hello Stringman:

    Thank you for posting your comment. As I am editing the manuscript, I am keeping all of my mother's story intact and in her own original words. I want to keep the authenticity of the story. I will keep you posted on my progress. Thank you for visiting. Cindy