Thursday, April 28, 2011

Found Editor with Publishing Contacts

Today was an incredible day!  I found an editor who has connections with a publisher in California!  My editor is guiding me as to the format to use to type the manuscript.  I am putting in over 9 hours a day working on the research and manuscript.  I should be finished within two weeks.  Once done, I will copy the manuscript onto a disc and send it to my editor.  From there, my editor will review it for content and if acceptable, she will forward it onto the publisher!  Dreams do come true!  Keep true to your dreams too!  My mother used to say to me "You can do anything you put your mind to doing."  She was right.  I listened to her all these years and believe me - when you stay focus on your dreams, they can become a reality!  Until next time!  PS:  Since I found this book 21 years ago, I've been putzing with it - researching on the book here and there when I found the time.  Since I have done all the major background research, the process it going much faster now. 

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