Thursday, February 7, 2013

Comments from 2/15/2013 Radio Interview

John said: "I heard you on Deanna's program and just wanted to say great work! Thanks for everything you are doing!"

Mathew said: "Hi, I heard your radio interview on Deanna's show and I bought your book on Amazon today look forward to reading it. All the best!" 

Nancy said "Cynthia- loved the book so much I didn't want it to end!! Of course I have lots if questions but one in particular was, why was Josefa taken and beaten when Trudy was 10? Was it because they didn't have a photo of hitler in the house? And who told on them, the youth leader or Josefa 's friend? Anyway I loved it so much and hope you will come to Ft Worth or close by so I can get my book signed. This was excellent as far as history goes too! Even though these kids couldn't really be kids and things were harsh for them at times, they still managed to enjoy life!"  

Stephen said "Great radio interview! I will post this on my wall for others to listen to!" 

Trevor said "Head your interview!  Thank you for writing your book!" 

William said " I listened to you both times with Deanna. We are becoming more and finally telling the true story."

KW said " Great interview! That is so cool that you wrote a book about your mother's life.  I want to get this for our collection and I think that is great that you do this!"

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