Friday, March 15, 2013

Marco from St. Polten, Austria, commented.......

Marco from St. Polten, Austria said: 

"Dear Cindy: I just finished reading your book "Through Innocent Eyes - The Chosen Girls of the Hitler Youth" and I want to let you know that I liked reading your book because for me, (and for the other people living here for whom I told them about your book ) the historical circumstances, poverty and hardship, and the effects of the propaganda machinery are in part not new as a lot of facts came to my notice during history courses and especially the stories told by older generations living in this area. This is what made the book come alive for me. For me, you actually met the spirit of the people and of that time frame 1931 - 1941. This book is very valuable in that you documented the facets, not only of your mother and your family, but for many other JM and BDM girls, who today, are still alive and in their 80's. Those elderly women who live in Kleinzell still to this day, remember your mother's kindness and compassion and they are very happy to hear her story come to life in your book. I am so grateful that you added the general impression to a broad audience with your documentation, whereas the interesting stories told from many grandparents have vanished for consecutive generations as they are not narrated without interruption, nor were they documented such as your mothers. I wish you all the best of success on your book! Sincerely, Marco."

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