Monday, March 19, 2012

Writing, and writing, and writing..................

For the past eight months, my head has been deep inside the book, writing, editing, researching and writing.  My average writing day is 11 hours. This is an incredible journey.  I just finished another chapter and I am about to embark on phase two of the book. 

When I started writing the manuscript, I thought I would dive right into my mother's journal. Then, the writing took a turn of events and leaped to her life four years prior to Landjahr and WWII.  I had the incredible opportunity to spend one month is Austria and Poland researching my book.

I met with the current owners of the home where my mother lived in where she wrote the book.  In addition, I interviewed many of my mother's friends and my family members.  This gave me a greater insight into telling her story, based upon actual facts from eyewitnesses accounts.

Here starts phase two of the book!  Wish me luck!

Thank you for reading.


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